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 Our company in Basrah working in Rumaila Oil field looking for

Our company in Basrah working in Rumaila Oil field looking for
 Our company in Basrah working in Rumaila Oil field looking for

1- E&I INSPECTOR with experience 2 years


With 4 years experience

Please send your CV to(just for local from basra)


  1. Hello
    My name IS Mohamed Tafat, i am forom Algeria.
    24 years experience as piping supervisor, QC piping, commissioning supervisor, and shut-down supervisor.

  2. Mohamed Tafat
    Cite 5000 logts D2 bt 101
    N° 17 Sidi Abdallah
    Cell: +213 550185200
    Born on: 8/14/1971
    Nationality: ALGERIAN
    Driving licence: B

    Supervision for the piping fabrication shop
    Supervision of construction crews on the site
    Supervision for Piping supports Erection
    on Site
    Pneumatic, Hydro Test at site, and Test Pack Management
    Site Supervision for Tie-ins with the existing lines and preparing all necessary documentations and method statements.
    Punch List close out
    Assist to site inspections with client such as holiday test, hydro test, pneumatic test, Tie-ins execution, thickness measurement, and others.
    Coordinate with Sub-Contractor site Supervisors to create piping erection plan according to site conditions, other construction works and material availability
    Plan with the Fabrication Shop Supervisors the monthly target for Piping Fabrication.
    Coordinate with Sub-Contractor Fabrication Shop Supervisors to achieve the weekly target.
    Follow the progress of Fabrication on daily basis and making sure fabrication is progressing according to priority and erection plan
    Follow up with the Sub-Contractor site supervisors erection progress on daily basis
    Making sure available work front for erection teams
    Follow up progress of test packs completion and coordinate with site teams the weekly plans for testing based on priorities and readiness of the assigned test packs
    Quality monitoring and cascading safe work procedures as per relevant Method statements.
    Reviewing method statements submitted by Subcontractors to ensure complete understanding of the safe task performance and Job Hazard Identification (JHI) and (JSA)
    Site Support for pre-commissioning and commissioning crews.
    Job cards and JHA establishing and send to client for approval
    Tie-ins follow up and preparation for main shut down.
    Air blowing, steam blowing, leak test, water flushing……
    Chemical loading, such as urea, anionic polymer, cationic polymer, hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, excavenger , oxygen absorber, corrosion inhibitor, Naoh and others.
    Liquid nitrogen loading.
    Hydrogen loading.