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 URGENT !!! Instrument Supervisor - offshore Required for UAE

Position: Instrument Supervisor - offshore

Job Location: UAE

Job rotation: 28/28

Exploration and Production

Instrument Supervisor - offshore Required for UAE
Instrument Supervisor - offshore Required for UAE

Experience :

1. Supervise the activities of assigned personnel in the instrument and control systems

2. Determine and verify work request requirements in terms of man-hours, skill levels, materials, equipment, and the criticality required in the Oracle Enterprise Maintenance System. In case of criticality/equipment breakdown, liaise with operations to immediately respond to Operations requirement

3. Arrange the weekly and daily schedule, determine necessary skill levels, allocate work to technicians, and arrange for support services, materials, and/or test equipment availability. Monitor the progress of instrument and control Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) on equipment, provide advice and guidance on courses of action to be taken, and arrange for equipment testing and/or fitting work to be inspected when required. Review completed work, check and carry out start-up tests

4. Ensure that all work orders and checklists are completed with actual man-hours taken, materials used, date job completed, and entered data into the Oracle Enterprise Maintenance System. At the end of each shift, send a report/discuss work with the Maintenance Superintendent and update on the current situation within the plant. Discuss any problems requiring technical or logistical requirements and any delays in programs. Ensure the proper maintenance of all section records, files, and drawings.

5. Supervise any in-house project work completed by technicians. Perform the more complex modifications and/or installations as and when required. Participates in the testing and commissioning of new or modified equipment and systems

6. Participate in the planning for, and supervising the execution of major equipment/plant turnarounds and shutdowns for the discipline. Prepare work lists, review requests from Operations and assist in the development of an overall work plan for the overhaul/shutdown. Participate in the recalibration, testing, and start-up of overhauled equipment

7. Attend daily meetings with operations personnel, planning team, and other discipline supervisors to discuss work

8. Review and update Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) procedures, drawings, project scope of works, and bill of materials

9. Evaluate Continous Improvement (CI) suggestions with other crafts, peers and decide if suggestions are recommended for implementation

10. Identify the requirements to remove and replace equipment, liaising with the Return/Repair Workshops on all return work

11. Instrumentation installation, maintenance, and repair experience on similar Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), instrumentation, and distributed control systems (DCS) and equipment in the oil operations industry

12. Computer maintenance and materials systems

13. Send resume to

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